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Equipment Service

Equipment service

Equipment Service

The road to high productivity without interruptions is to execute a periodic inspection of equipments and immediate repair in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications. Conna Tony SRL with over 8 years of experience in maintenance and repair of construction equipments, and over 27 of specialists is at your disposal with all the possible solutions to resolve your problems in shortest time possible.

Our service is located in Sebes, Alba County,  multi brand service with ISCIR authorization, so we are open to collaborations concerning maintenance and repair of equipment.

Periodic inspection

Technical inspections are carried out periodically in accordance with the contract established to prevent unexpected breakdowns, so your work will flow without interruptions.

Maintenance/repair of hydraulic systems

Our service ensures any hydraulic systems repairs and computerized diagnosis to exclude any failure in hydraulic systems.

Maintenance/repair of undercarriage system

With 8 years of experience we've done various repairs of undercarriage systems such as track, rollers, final transmission, transmission pump replacements and repairs.

Reconditioning/boring booms

The booms and boom nuts wears out due to undertake works that forces them, in these cases our team intervenes to fix it, filling the hole, boring the hole's perimeter to the fixed-size established by the manufacturer, and replacing nuts and pins.

Hydraulic hammer repairs

Our work includes repair of hydraulic hammers, reconditioning is done by replacing sealing gaskets, membranes, pads, bolts, and finally load and verify the pressure of nitrogen.